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Example Notebooks

Push-button example notebooks demonstrating how to use Lamini. These notebooks are hosted on Google Colab and can be accessed directly through a web browser. Compute is hosted on Lamini servers.

Lamini: Finetuning For Free

  • Description: This notebook provides an introduction to training using Lamini's Python Library.
  • Link: Lamini: Finetuning For Free
  • Usage: Users can clone this notebook to their Google Drive and open it in Google Colab to start training their own LLMs.
  • Models Supported: Currently the free tier version supports following models:
    • hf-internal-testing/tiny-random-gpt2
    • EleutherAI/pythia-70m
    • EleutherAI/pythia-70m-deduped
    • EleutherAI/pythia-70m-v0
    • EleutherAI/pythia-70m-deduped-v0
    • EleutherAI/neox-ckpt-pythia-70m-deduped-v0
    • EleutherAI/neox-ckpt-pythia-70m-v1
    • EleutherAI/neox-ckpt-pythia-70m-deduped-v1
    • EleutherAI/gpt-neo-125m
    • EleutherAI/pythia-160m
    • EleutherAI/pythia-160m-deduped
    • EleutherAI/pythia-160m-deduped-v0
    • EleutherAI/neox-ckpt-pythia-70m
    • EleutherAI/neox-ckpt-pythia-160m
    • EleutherAI/neox-ckpt-pythia-160m-deduped-v1
    • EleutherAI/pythia-410m-v0
    • EleutherAI/pythia-410m-deduped
    • EleutherAI/pythia-410m-deduped-v0
    • EleutherAI/neox-ckpt-pythia-410m
    • EleutherAI/neox-ckpt-pythia-410m-deduped-v1
    • cerebras/Cerebras-GPT-111M
    • cerebras/Cerebras-GPT-256M